We’re Tim and Caitlin.

We're big into love and all of its incredible forms. 

When I met Tim, I was still figuring out who I wanted to be. He was a shy, indie music loving editor with a serious photography habit. There's nothing more attractive to an artist than someone who is passionate about their craft. I fell in love, hard. 

Through the years I watched him grow as a photographer, and found myself more and more attracted to the medium. It wasn't long before I ditched my charcoal and paints altogether for my own Canon 5d mark ii. I can't say that I fell in love with photography in the same way I fell in love with Tim, but I can say that it plays almost as big of a role in my life. 

Together we've been able to create lasting relationships with our clients and images we can really be proud of. Perfecting the craft never gets old, tired or boring. There's always something new to discover. 

In many ways, photography is at the center of our love story. Looking back we have made so many incredible memories together. It's been our touchstone and happy place.

Working with couples, really connecting with them in such an artistic way, is the most rewarding thing we can do. Our goal is not just to make great photos and tell stories, it's to really get to know people and what makes the love they share so special. No two couples are ever alike; they each have something unique between them. We want to capture that. 

Things you might wanna know about us:

1) Tim is a huge board game nerd, and I play with him when he needs cheering up. 

2) We LOVE adventures. We've been known to take clients to some pretty random but beautiful places. We're always looking for clients who want to road trip with us. 

3) We live on 5 acres in Alfalfa (8 miles east of Bend) where we dream of growing all of our own food someday. 

4) Tim and I met at a chimpanzee sanctuary in 2008 - yep - cleaning up poo together. 

5) We've been known to keep our clients as friends, because connection is what it's all about. 


a few of the things that make us happy in this life

Gallivan Photo is Tim and Caitlin Gallivan-Gaertner, wedding photographers based in Bend, Oregon, and serving the Pacific Northwest (though we'll travel just about anywhere for a wedding).

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