Conner + Faith’s Vow Renewal – Painted Hills, Oregon

Here’s what I love about Connor and Faith, they support one another, they take time to go on adventures together, they have a true and timeless love that we all aspire to in our lives.

Connor and Faith celebrated their union in a small backyard ceremony 3 years ago with close family and friends. Anyone who is getting married knows the struggle between convenience for your guests/logistics and the desire to celebrate your union in a beautiful and hard to reach place.

I like to think Connor and Faith have the best of both worlds now, and that’s what I love about vow renewals. They give you the chance to share something truly special and private in the location of your dreams, while still having had an inclusive wedding surrounded by everyone you hold dear.

Little did we know, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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Supersize Vow Renewal:: Faith & Conner- Painted Hills,OR from Michael Hiatt on Vimeo.



Venue: The Painted Hills, Oregon

HMUA: Kaelin McDowell Makeup 

Dress: Lace and Liberty 

Florals: Lindsay Helzer 

Calligraphy: My Fair Letters

Videography: Mike Hiatt Media 

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Lauren + Kip’s Smith Rock Engagement Session

Lauren and Kip have to be two of the funniest people we’ve ever worked with. Kip especially, is unabashedly himself and keeps Lauren laughing, which is probably why they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together.

We had planned on heading up to the McKenzie area with them, but we were thwarted by closed roads. We made the decision at a Subway in Sisters to change course to Smith Rock. Okay, so being real here. We have mixed feelings about this location- we got married there- so obviously we love it. On the other hand, after being in this biz for 6 years, we’ve shot there A LOT, and so has everyone else. One thing we’ve embraced more and more as artists this last year is this fact: the location is not important anymore. What is important is the people. It shouldn’t matter if you’ve shot that location a hundred times, the people you’re working with are different, and they are what matter. Bringing out something true and honest about each couple is what we live for, and I see so much of Kip and Lauren in these photos.
Of course, Smith is so beautiful in the background, but really, all I see is them. Two people who love each other, make each other laugh and care for each other each and every day. This an exciting time for Kip and Lauren. They are about to be married in just 4 days, and although they have chosen a beautiful venue, I know it will be the two of them we are paying attention to on their day.
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Chrissy & Jason’s Jupiter Hotel Wedding

Here’s the thing about Chrissy and Jason, they are the most fun. What I loved about their wedding is the lighthearted feeling and relaxed vibes they were able to cultivate while still having a fancy ass party. Chrissy and Jason’s wedding was on a beautiful June day in Portland, Oregon. Yes, it was a beautiful day, in June, in Portland. Not a drop of rain in my memory — but there may have been a couple.

Chrissy’s smile lights up a room, and Jason, her southern gentleman, is the perfect match for her brightness. From the moment we arrived, they welcomed us to join the party, have a drink and be sure to get something to eat. That hospitality is so indicative of who they are, you can’t help but love them.

This skirt you guys. It will forever be the most fun thing to photograph ever. 

I took this pic and nearly lost it. It’s now on the homepage of our website… 

I told you — that skirt.

Now you get what I am talking about — THAT SMILE.

Jason’s mom — GAH! This woman’s reaction to all the moments was so good … every time.

Does this smile not just instantly improve your day?

Chrissy’s nieces had a special song to sing to her on her wedding day. Not a dry eye in the house.

This moment was too good. Jason surprises Chrissy with a serenade … 

I told you — Jason’s mom. every. time. 

Shotskis… cuz Bend… no… wait… 

Vendors Yo!

The Jupiter Hotel

Artistry by Kate Tuma 

Tamale Boy

Piece of Cake 

Hayley Paige 

Moon Mountain Ramblers 

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