The cardinal marketing sin is being boring. 

- Dan Kennedy, Marketing Expert

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. We grew from totally unknown photographers to nationally published industry professionals in just 5 years, and we're here to say: You can do this. 

Every business needs direction, strategy and of course, great design and branding. Consider Tim and I your partners in making your business shine above the competition. Above all, be remarkable, and you'll be a sucess. 

It isn't easy growing a small business, but in just 5 years we grew our little company that could to a place of profitably and industry recognition. Here's how we did it: 

- By founding the Wedding Professionals Association of Central Oregon, which went on the launch, we built community around our brand, which increased our referrals, brand recognition and ability to learn from our peers.   

- We've spent massive amounts of time connecting to the "why". Why we do what we do is a major part of how we connect with our customers. 

- We created marketing materials that set our brand apart, priced ourselves for the correct market and began attracting the kind of clients we most wanted to work with. 

- We worked hard to create an experience that our clients would love. 

We can help you build community around yourself, design effective marketing materials, create websites that attract your ideal client and give them an experience that will make them fans of your brand for life. 

Let's get started. 

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Gallivan Photo is Tim and Caitlin Gallivan-Gaertner, wedding photographers based in Bend, Oregon, and serving the Pacific Northwest (though we'll travel just about anywhere for a wedding).  |  541-633-3024